22nd-26th August 2016

It's official, the 22-26th August 2016 is Santiago week! We're producing loads of exciting content for you to enjoy, check out our media channels to access all the content being released. If you don't follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube - all Santiago week content will be available to access from our website:

Here's our agenda:

Monday 22nd:
Online campaign launch with the release of Cereals Product Manager, Keith Best's, video with his view on KWS Santiago

Tuesday 26th:
Release of KWS Santiago infographic

Wednesday 27th:
Video with Regional Variety Specialist, Rose Riby, looking at KWS Santiago for the North

Thursday 28th:
Regionalised emails (North and South/East) to our marketing database

Friday 29th:
A5 postcards to arrive on farm to over 3,000 farmers growing winter wheat