We've got loads of exciting content coming up for you in 2017... We're giving you a sneak peek below!

KWS in Focus

KWS is launching a new feature for Farmers Weekly readers. A series of topical articles, KWS in Focus will deliver relevant and engaging arable content from the experts at one of Europe's leading breeders of cereals, oilseeds, sugar beet and maize. It will cover in-depth appraisals of KWS varieties, including promising candidates and those not on the AHDB Recommended Lists, and the results of our trials work on fungicides strategies, seed rate comparisons and crop nutrition.

Here's a *sneak peek* of the this week's edition of KWS in Focus:

"For many growers, oilseed rape remains the most convenient break-crop option. The lack of alternative combinable crops with a comparable harvest date, simpler storage arrangements or wider opportunities for weed control leaves growers with few choices. But the threat of crop losses through pests and disease means its place in the rotation is under constant pressure.

Specifically, it is the impact of cabbage stem flea beetle and foliar diseases such as light leaf spot (Pyrenopeziza brassicae) and phoma (Leptosphaeria maculans and L. biglobosa) that are of concern. Although less well understood, Verticillium wilt (Verticillium longisporum) is now common and its impact is being taken seriously.

To counter these threats growers have relied on fungicides and neonicotinoid seed treatments. With the efficacy of the former falling and the moratorium on the latter seemingly set to remain for the foreseeable future, growers must instead seek to pursue those varieties with the best disease resistance and favourable agronomic traits."

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What else do we have in store...

KWS are launching a blog in 2017! Keep your eyes peeled throughout April for the launch of our new blog, 'Seeding the Future' which will give you a behind the scenes look at the world of KWS.

We're also hosting loads of events this year - these will appear in the events section of our website in the coming weeks - so check back for updates. You will also be able to find us at Cereals in Lincoln on the 14th and 15th June, stand 445.

Everyone loves a competition? We're giving away 1 tonne of KWS Zyatt to 30 (yes.. THIRTY) lucky farmers this year. Go to our competitions page, or click here, for more information and how to enter!

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And lets not forget CultiVent...

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