Maize harvest checklist and KWS trial site results

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Harvest and Clamping Checklist

  • Clean the clamp of old silage prior to harvesting the new crop
  • Clear an adequate working area for machinery and have sheeting on hand to seal the side walls of the clamp
  • Adjust the chop length and corn cracker to match your feeding requirements
    • Reducing the chop length will make the silage easier to roll and compact
    • Avoid chopping excessively short (recommended minimum 6-15 mm)
    • Check the† kernels are being cracked by sampling every few trailers

Consider the use of silage additives, to avoid secondary fermentation or heating, if crops are too dry (> 38% DM)

Results from KWS Trial Sites

Maize samples from our variety trials are now analysed on site using our state of the art NIRS crop machine. This means results are now available for accurate decision making much earlier.


KWS Maize Demonstration Site

If you would like to visit the KWS Office and demonstration site at Lydney in Gloucestershire please contact your local merchant.

Demonstration field includes:

  • Breeding demonstration
  • All current commercial hybrids
  • Population wheel
  • First look at all new hybrids before they are listed
  • Chemical demonstration
  • AD trial which includes all our current and new hybrids

Also available adjacent to the demonstration field is:

  • Anaerobic digester
  • Dryer
  • Dairy unit

Farm Visit
If you would like us to visit your farm, please email the office at